Call for Papers: Anarchism and Literature in Latin America

In this panel we will address the role the anarchist movement played in the literary and cultural realm in Latin America.  Since the late 19th century, anarchism had a role in shaping Latin American culture, during the transition from the man of letters to the intellectual. Their debates and publishing projects contributed to transform the image writers had of themselves as an independent agent, less and less dependent upon the nation-state and willing to express critical views on society.  The new public sphere that these publications established altered the notions of political engagement, and also contributed to aesthetic transformations that started in the Modernista period and kept affecting cultural practices through the 20th century.   We invite papers that examine topics of aesthetic transformations promoted by anarchist thought on art, utopian literature, anarcha-feminism, transatlantic and transnational relationships, the role of anarchist publishers in cultural exchange, etc.

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